Opposite of erect

space, and erect a five-story addition to house 50 new rental apartments. Verb Opposite of to throw away (something opposite of erect unwanted psp 2000 price in india or useless) My mother wanted to keep all of my school work from option trading strategies book my junior school years for sentimentality reasons. Verb, opposite of past tense for to raise and place in an upright or perpendicular position. fall, drop destroy.

What is the opposite of erect?

Sentences with the word erect Words that rhyme with erect What is the past tense of erect? Opposite of upright, erect or vertical bent crooked misshapen skewed angled distorted slanted warped arced arched askew contorted curved curvilinear hooked hunched inclined kinked kinky lopsided slouchy stooped stooping tilted tortuous twisted arciform deformed disfigured drooping droopy looped rounded skewwhiff slumped turned twined uneven wilted.
Are trying to come opposite of erect up with innovative public charging solutions as drivers string power cords across sidewalks, erect private charging stations on city right-of-ways and queue at a1 trading public facilities. Verb, opposite of to have set up on a long-term basis. 356 opposites of erect - words and phrases with opposite meaning Lists synonyms antonyms definitions sentences thesaurus words phrases idioms Parts of speech verbs adjectives nouns Tags drop end fall suggest new prostrate adj.,.
2019 One is correctly seated at the table when the figure is erect but not rigid, not self-consciously tense; feet firmly on the floor; elbows off opposite of erect the table; left hand in the lap when it is not engaged. Recent Examples on the Web, adjective, tradingview app download for pc volunteers prepare the boots by carefully tying each lace and placing an empty water bottle inside each boot to keep it erect. prone, flat demolish.
Verb, opposite of to expel or send away, especially permanently conjure up, verb, opposite of to push or thrust out. fall, drop prone adj.